Obstetrics and Gynaecology


  1. The Department of Obst. & Gynaecology, Guntur Medical College, Guntur was started in the year 1946 when Guntur Medical College was established. It is a dynamic department actively imparting patient care to patients coming from Guntur District, Ongole District & Krishna District.
  2. No. Of Teaching units – IV
  3. List of faculty Members & Non teaching Staff :- Enclosed.
  4. Services provided by the department.

The department imparts both under graduate & Post Graduate training. The bed strength of the department is 160 beds and its provides antenatal care, postnatal care, emergency obstetrics services, Gynaecology surgeries and family planning services. Speciality clinics like infertility clinics and Cancer screening clinics are organized by the department. 35,000 Antenatal Mothers are treated per year and 10,000 women with gynaecological complaints attend the department. 9,000 women deliver in the department per year.

  1. Papers presented at National / State conferences by faculty.
  1. Torsion of Gravid uterus – Mumbai National Conference 2013.
    Dr. P. Jayanthy, Assistant Professor of Obst & Gynaecology.
  1. Papers presented at National/ State conferences by post graduates.

1.Dr.A.N. Sandhya – Velamentous Insertion of Cord.

2. Dr. M. Suporaja – Cesareans Scar Ecopic Pregancy.

3.Dr. B. Rekha- Poster – Thenalopholic Dysphasis.

4. Dr. Sheetal Singh Nandu – Dysgerminoma in pregnancy

5. Dr. R. Ramana Bai – “ Rare case of broad ligameng Fibroid in POAR –

Hysterecormied woman.

  1. Dr. N. Indrani – “ Rupiture of scarred uterus at 22 GA with placenta previa type.II posterior.
  2. Dr.B. Sowmya – A Rare case of AV Malformation of uterus.
  3. Dr. K. Gnana Ratna – Inernal Iliac Artery Ligation, for a case of Inracable pelvi haemorrhage.
  4. Dr. Sabeena Musa – Bilaeral interal Iliac Artery Ligation for a case of uncontrolled post partum haemorrhage.

C.M.E. Programmes conduced every year:

1.Dr.C. Rama Murthy Memorial Endowment CME Programme.
2. Smt. Kodali Sugunamma, Memorial Endowment CME Programme in

Maternal and Fetal Medicine.

  1. Awards/Prizes/ Distinctions- NIL