Department of ENT Faculty List

Name of the Faculty
1Dr.V.Sudhir BabuProfessor
2Dr.U.Srinivasa RaoProfessor
1Dr.T.SwaroopkanthAssociate Professor
1Dr.C.Arun KumarAssistant Professor
2Dr.D.RajanikanthAssistant Professor
3Dr.Ravindra BabuAssistant Professor
4Dr.V.Soma SekharAssistant Professor

Brief history of the E.N.T department

In 1956 a separate E.N.T. department was formed and was headed by Dr. Krishna Murthy, M.S. In 1980 the E.N.T dept further separated even from ophthalmology and a separate under-graduate paper was established and it is continuing till date.Presently the department is headed by Dr.P. NarayanaRao garu & Dr.K.Santaiah garu.The department was provided with 3 MS, 2 diploma students every year.

In 1968 the Dept glorified with arrival of Dr. Pinnamaneni Narasimharao. FRCS , introduced microear surgeries, with zeiss operating microscope. In 1970s Dr.Laxmipathi started doing neck surgeries like Laryngectomy, Thyroidectomy and other oncological surgeries in 2005-07. Dr.Y.Prabhakarao enlightend the faculty with ZEISS, MULLER WEIDOL operating microscopes and started doing advanced micro ear surgeries, conducted work shops with eminent surgeons of North & South states. The dept still glorified wth all latest equipments like Storz rigid endoscopes, flexible nasopharyngo-laryngoscopes, MICRO DEBRIDER, BERA, OAE and IMPEDANCE AUDIOMETRY.

Services Provided by The Department
  1. Regular OPD services

  2. Aarogyasri camps

  3. Allergy clinics

  4. Vertigo clinics

  5. Speech therapy and audiometry.

  6. Endoscopic nasal, ear and skull-base surgeries.

  7. Micro ear surgeries.

  8. Head and neck surgeries.

  9. Screening and surgical management of head and neck malignancies.

  10. Temporal bone dissection.

  11. UG & PG teachings-clinical/bed side/OT

  12. regular seminars/CME/WORK SHOPS

  13. zonal PG-CME under control of DR. N.T.R.U.H.S

  14. Issuing deaf and dumb certificates.

Papers Presented at State Conferences By PG’s


1.DR. Lakshman prasad – Tonsillar tuberculosis(case report)


1.DR. Revanth Reddy – Radiation effects of cell phones on hearing in

medical students.

2. DR. J.Srinivas – Epistaxis management (case series).

3. DR. Aruna – Laryngofissure approach for Amyloidosis of larynx(case



  1. DR. Sridhar- Management of unilateral vocal cord paralysis by Type-I Thyroplasty (case series)

  2. DR. Venkatesh – Pleomorphic Adenoma of parotid gland – surgical management (case series)

  3. DR. Priyanka – N.P.F (case report)

  4. DR. Kusuma – Management of Retropharyngeal abscess (case report)



  1. DR. N.T.R.U.H.S Gold medal for the women category for the year 2010-2011 was awarded to DR. Ch. Anitha

  2. Zonal PG CME –Quiz prize for 2012-2013 batch.